Recovering from a recent surgery on my left foot, I'm not able to go out and shoot like I usually do. I wanted a way to keep shooting while staying off my feet as much as possible. I went online and found some inspiration on portraits using a projector to project images on to people. I decided to take a meta step further:

I asked my photographer friends to pose with their OWN photo projected onto them. The results became the #ProjectorPortraitProject

The first step was to find the right photos to project. I wanted each photo to reflect the best of my friends' work while also be aesthetically fitting as a background for portraits. I took to their Instagram feeds scrolling until I found the best candidate photos. I tried to stick to photos that have patterns and high dark-light contrast. This way my subject and their photo can easily integrate into one piece.

@antooly and his photo of the skylit ceiling in the Boston Public Library

@savoringseas and her photo of the neon sign at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

@ms.knope and her photo of a group of people's shadows in Brockton, MA

@lhermida and his photo of the John Hancock Tower (now known as 200 Clarendon) in Boston

@__paganpoetry and her photo of brightly colored building windows at MIT

lastly, @halie_olsz and her photo of a sun burst through the trees at Chocorua Lake, NH

Overall I'm pleased with how these photos came out. I have to give a lot of credit to my friends for this project. They were good sports standing in front of a bright projector and taking my vague directions. Honestly I didn't know how to pose my subjects but they went with the flow and we got some decent shots from it. It's a great way to showcase both the artist their work, and I hope to continue with this project with many more friends.