Seattle #AnalogPhotoMeet

Earlier this month I co-hosted a film-only meetup and photowalk in Seattle! I've been wanting to host a meet like this ever since I got into film. With my friends Erica and Sam, also big film enthusiasts, we teamed up with Kenmore Camera and scheduled our meetup at their store. Kenmore Camera was gracious enough to have special discounts in film purchases and processing to attract more people to the event!

I was nervous about the turnout of the meet. Other than couple of mutual friends, I didn't know who else will show up. To my surprise we had an excellent crowd of people both young and old ages, and both film novices and experts alike. We had introductions and camera talk at the store, then geared up to head to downtown Seattle for the photowalk.

To be honest, it was a tough deciding what camera to bring to the meet! I ended up grabbing my Pentax 645 since it's been months since I used it, plus I recently purchased a new lens for it, the 75mm f/2.8.  I also figured I'd try a new film for this meet and snagged a few rolls of Ektar 100. The weather was bright and sunny, great for a lower speed film like Ektar.

After regrouping at the pier, we walked to Pike Place Market and made our way through the downtown area, taking many shots along the way.


Next we headed to my favorite parking structure in Seattle. I really love the lines and textures this garage has.


We had a great time chatting and shooting (and eating) that we almost lost track of time! Our last stop for the photowalk was at Freeway Park. Located right above i-5 neat the Convention Center, the park is a neat space and had a concrete water installation that looked amazing during golden hour.

Photo of me above courtesy of L. Tao!

It was a pleasure co-hosting this analog meetup. I enjoyed hanging out with all the people I met, which were likeminded and passionate in film as I am.