Trip to the Big Four Ice Caves

This past November I was invited to visit the Big Four Ice Caves with a group of photographer friends. The Ice Caves were in my 'PNW Bucket List' so of course I agreed to go! Located along Mountain Loop Highway, the Ice Caves are a natural wonder. Made by a waterfall from the melting snow above, the caves changes in size and shape depending on the time of year.

During our car ride on Mountain Loop Highway we took a quick stop along the road for some fresh air and quick shots along the river.

From the trailhead, the Ice Caves were quick (and flat) 1 mile hike. The trail was well groomed to accommodate the frequent visitors and had several boardwalks and bridges along the way. When the caves were in sight, I first through they looked very small in size. But as we got closer I realized how colossal they were. When we went, the caves were actually considered to be at it's smallest too!

It was amazing to see and actually touch the caves, which has this unique divot-ed texture. Although we were at the caves, none of us actually went inside of them as giant ice shards may fall and crush people. Many people have died at these caves so we did not want to take any chances.


To my surprise the views around the Ice Caves were pretty stellar too! Jagged cliffs tower above the caves while a mountain range is seen directly opposite of the caves.

The Big Four Ice Caves are a must see for visitors and new Washington residents (like me!). I'm glad we got to go early in the season before the snow interferes with the road and trail conditions.