A Very Chilly #FujifilmX_Boston Instameet

Over the holiday break back at home in New England, I had the opportunity to host an Instameet in Boston. Just like my previous meet, I worked with Fujifilm X Series US to help cohost. The Instameet was scheduled on a Saturday in January and it just so happened a big winter storm was hitting the area that day. The forecast was expecting 6-12 inches of snow. Instead of cancelling the meet due to inclement weather I decided to follow through with the meet. I figured the snow would make some interesting photos in the streets of Boston.

I was only expecting a few people to show up due to the inclement weather, but a total 20 people showed up! Even a couple drove all the way from upstate New York to attend! Mike Haggerty, a representative from Fujifilm joined us at the starting place of Hunt's Photo & Video in Boston. He brought along a bunch of X Series gear, including the X-T2, X-Pro2, X100T, and an assortment of XF lenses. After introductions and loaning out out gear at Hunt's, we set off outside in the blizzard. We wandered around taking photos of the streets of Boston for a couple of hours. Here are some shots I've taken during the meet:


Thanks to all who braved the blizzard and attended the meet! It was a cold yet invigorating experience shooting again in the streets of Boston.