Solo Trip to Foggy Mount Rainier

This past October I decided to take a last minute trip to Mount Rainier National Park. I figured it would be a good time to visit before the roads shut down for the winter season. On a Saturday morning, I packed my camera, tripod, and snacks and hit the road. From Seattle, the northeast entrance to the park (via Route 410) was about an hour and a half away.

I arrived at the parking lot of Naches Peak Loop Trail and embarked on my hike. I had read that there were spectacular views of Mount Rainier during the hike. However due to the wet, and foggy weather, the mountain was nowhere in site.

Either the trail was badly marked or I lack the skills of navigation since I got lost halfway on my hike. I somehow ended up on a trail along Mather Memorial Parkway. I watched the cars drive by down below while I continued to hike.

With no cell service or map at hand, I decided to backtrack my steps back to the car. I didn't want to stray too far in risk of getting totally lost!

Next I decided to drive west to Sunrise Day Lodge in hopes of more photo opportunities. Unfortunately at that elevation, the lodge and area surrounding was completely covered in a cloud of fog. I was a bit disappointed, however I was able to pick up a couple of hitchhikers along the way to drive them back to their car at Sunrise. My ride spared them two hours of hiking back in the pouring rain!

On the way home I came across a small lookout spot along the road. I was in need of new bio photos so I set my camera on a tripod and snapped away. No shame in creating some self-portraits!

Overall it was a great solo trip to Mount Rainier. It was peaceful to spend some time alone in the great outdoors.