Road Trip Part III: Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is an overwhelmingly huge National Park. We allocated two days to explore the park, but we could easily spend a week there. Yellowstone is also a very popular tourist destination. Along the main roads you can easily be stuck behind a backup of coach buses, or stuck in a crowd at an Old Faithful eruption. My tip is, don’t let the crowds get to you and enjoy the beauty that is the first National Park in the country. 

On our first day we entered the park through the east entrance in the pouring rain. What we immediately noticed during our time there was how bipolar the weather was. It was bright and sunny one minute, and then downpour or snowfall the next. Our spirits were lifted when the rain faded away as we drove up towards Canyon Village. Bison were very common to see along in Yellowstone; some even cause traffic jams on the road! We’d knew if we saw some cars pulled to side of the road there was a bison sighting.

We arrived at Canyon Village and parked near the South Rim of the 'Grand Canyon of Yellowstone' to view the Upper Falls. Unfortunately the trail that leads down adjacent to the falls (Uncle Tom’s trail) was closed due to ice and snow at the time. We proceeded to the Lower Falls and a nearby lookout point to view the canyon at its full glory. The golden colors and red tones were breathtaking, especially late in the day. 

It’s near the end of our first day at Yellowstone, and we headed north towards Montana where our Airbnb was for the night. On our way out of the park along a stretch of field, we came across a herd of mule deer grazing by the road. With the sunlight fading, it made for great soft light so we pulled over and stalked the deer with our cameras. After the deer left, we continued capturing the magnificent Yellowstone landscape until it got dark.

Our second and last day at Yellowstone was dedicated to see the natural geysers and basins at the western side of the park. Huge warning to those who visit: it will smell like eggs. Lots and lots of eggs. The Grand Prismatic was the king of all springs. There’s a boardwalk that goes along the spring where we could walk on and get an up-close look. At one point the wind blew around all the steam from the basins and completely surrounded us with white sulfuric-smelling fog. Yum.

After that we visited the Old Faithful Geyser. We arrived a tad too late as the geyser was erupting as the massive crowd around it ooh-ed and ah-ed. The eruption stopped before I could really get a photo of it. My apologies! The next eruption wasn’t until 90 minutes later, so we decided to get going. We were deep into the park and had a long drive to our next destination that night.

Overall Yellowstone was another excellent stop in our road trip. If you enjoy natural wonders, wildlife, and pungent smells, I’d definitely recommend a visit!