Acadia National Park: Cadillac Mountain Summit at Sunrise

Oh, the things we do to for the 'gram. When planning our trip to Acadia, the one thing we definitely wanted to do was to catch sunrise at Cadillac Mountain. So we organized our trip around that. 

Friday after work I headed to Portsmouth to meet up with the rest of my Acadia crew. We ate dinner at a very classy Wendy's, grabbed some snacks for the road at Trader Joe's, and headed 3 hours north to my friend's grandmother's summer cottage in Maine. We arrived at the cottage at 11pm and went straight to bed. The summit was about a 1.5 hour drive from the cottage, so in order to catch sunrise we needed to be out the door VERY early.

With roughly 3 hours of sleep under our belt, we picked up some coffee and headed to the park at 4am. The ride was pretty uneventful since it was still dark out, and I was still half asleep. By the time we reached the lot in the summit, the sky was already brightening up.

There were more people at the summit than I expected, and with the wind chill, much colder than I expected. We found a great spot at the summit away from the crowds and shielded by the wind gusts. When we settled at our spot with our hands in our pockets, that was when I began to take in the great view.

And when the sun started peaking over the hills, it made the view exponentially better. (also it warmed up a number of degrees)

The rising sun made for good flare shots too.

When the sun was bright and up, we went down the summit and started our day exploring the park. I'm glad we woke up so early for the sunrise. It was the grand introduction to our trip.