Griffith Observatory at Sundown

As with all photographers, I am obsessed with chasing sunsets. The diminishing sunlight gives great soft and golden light, and that produces stunning images. During my LA trip to visit my sister, we squeezed in a visit to the Griffith Observatory. Lucky enough it was the perfect time of day to go.

When we drove up the Hollywood Hills to the observatory, I got that giddy feeling I always get when I come across photo opportunities. The light was perfect and golden, and I knew it wasn't going to last long. My sister was happy enough to drop me off while she found parking. I ran around the like a little kid in a candy store to find the best locations and shots. 

The building itself at the observatory was closed on Mondays but there were plenty of visitors there. The viewing deck wrapped around the building, giving panoramic views the LA area. 

Due west lies the rest of the Hollywood Hills and the Hollywood sign, while the southeast lies the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles. Winding and grid-like roads could be seen in between.

By the time my sister caught up with me, the sun has already disappeared behind the hills and the sky was getting darker. It was the perfect moment to capture some city bokeh with my Fujinon XF35 lens.

I'm glad I visited the Griffith Observatory, even though it was just for a sunset. It was definitely a memorable part during my trip to the Golden State.